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How it Works

Koder connects top coders with assignments that match your skills, eliminating the hassle of finding new work & delivering on your own.

Create a profile, add your skills and experience.

Get vetted by taking our skills-based code challenges.

Our AI algorithms invite you to tasks that match your skills.

Work on tasks and ongoing projects from innovative companies.

Earn money coding remotely, even on nights and weekends.

Why Koder

Koder freelancers have the opportunity to work with some of the best companies - from their home.

Work remotely

You can work from your home, coffee shops, or wherever you prefer.

Get paid on time

You will get paid via direct deposit every two weeks.

Top talents

You will work in a team that consists of only the top 2% of coders.

Safe & secure

Koder provides a platform that values your trust and safety as our number one priority.

Fixed prices

You don't have to worry about getting paid less than what was discussed.


Work around your schedule, at nights or on weekends.

Build your profile

A professional profile can be essential to your success on Koder. It is how you present yourself to prospective clients and the Koder network. Successful freelancers have profiles that completely showcase their areas of expertise, skills, and accomplishments. Adding more information onto your profile will boost your ranking and increase your chances of achieving an Elite status.

Take-home challenges

Improve your profile by mastering new skills and taking skills-based project challenges. Explore different project categories and start solving from any level. Practice your skills with fun and interactive challenges from the comfort of your home. Review the challenge, solve the problem, and upload your solution. Then, our team will comment on your solutions online, introducing you to new ideas and techniques.

Work with top brands

Top companies around the world use Koder's platform to hire top coders and deliver the best technology solutions.

Roles we look for

We look for roles ranging from all engineering to designing talents. Just complete your profile and let us know your skill sets so we can match you to the right jobs.

AI Developer

Android Developer

iOS Developer

Python Developer

QA Tester

Software Developer

UX/UI Designer

Web Developer

Skills we look for

Coding skills we look for across all engineering roles and seniority levels.

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 SQL Swift Android Python C++ Java Python

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What freelancers say

Here are some of our proud freelancers who've built themselves up through the Koder platform.

I've tried other freelance platforms previously, but Koder has gained my trust with its safe and secure platform. They do a great job matching me with tasks that align with my skills, and it's reassuring to know there are no scams.

Nathan S. Principal Architect

I appreciate how versatile Koder is around my school schedule. I get to work in between classes and on the weekends, which is a great way to make some extra cash as a student and get my feet wet in the real world.

Arjun P. Technical Product Manager

It's a juggle to be a working mom to two babies, but Koder gives me the flexibility to do what I love, by allowing me to work remotely while taking care of my kids at home.

Ashley P. UX Designer

Frequently asked questions

Let us answer some of the common questions you may have.

Is English skills required to become a Koder?

Yes, every Koder is required to read, write, and speak English. We conduct lengthy interviews to ensure that Koders have a high level of proficiency in English.

Is the beta open to the public?

While the Koder app is now available in the App Store, you must be invited to get access to the full functionality.

I'm interested in joining your team, are you hiring?

We're continously hiring exceptional developers and innovators to join our core team. If you're an awesome individual, get in touch.

Do you have an Android version available?

We don't yet have an Android app available for download but stay tuned as this will be available in the very near future.

Do you have a mobile app?

The Koder mobile app for iPhone and iPad is available in the Apple AppStore. Android is coming soon.

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